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Put your video on auto-pilot. We now offer monthly video content at a discounted rate! From concept to final product- our Hollywood crew is ready to grow your business!

We Help You Launch Your Business

We can help you advertise on Google, Bing & All Social Sites. From step 1 to 100, we have your back.

We Film Corporate Events

We can create cutting edge promotional videos featuring testimonials, branding and key speakers. We also offer same day edits, photography and live streaming. Don't go with the cheapest- go with the best!

We Do It All.

Literally, we do it all. We want to help you- inquire now!

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80% of consumers buy a product after watching a video. Click Here!

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Emotional videos that humanize your brand. Increase your profits now!

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Trusted by Fortune 500's, A+ By The BBB and Top 3 on Yelp - We Do It All. TV Advertisements, Promotional Videos, LiveStreaming, Overnight Edits, Testimonials- Anything. We are the best at what we do.

Shopkick - Monthly TV Quality Videos

We help Shopkick create monthly commercial quality videos that grows their users and business in the process! Within 24 hours, this video had a half a million views on their Facebook! We thought of the concept, filmed and handled everything. Now it's at 3.2 million views on Facebook.

We Helped Yujin Robot Market on Amazon

Our video marketing team created this from the initial concept; We found the actors, locations and wrote the script; 3 Days of Filming; Shot on RED 4k Camera; Clips Aired on QVC and on Amazon Seller Page. This was to help grow their U.S marketing and image- and they come every year for another video!

We Grew the Go Mini's Franchise With Video.

Our video marketing team traveled to Phoenix and filmed in Los Angeles to create this video highlighting why someone should become a franchise owner for Go Minis. We handled everything from filming, editing and script writing. We can do this for your company too!

Storytelling is such a vital part of marketing.

From initial concept, to final product- we created this piece for Go Minis. We wanted to hit on the emotional aspect of moving and in doing so, we humanized their brand. Every franchise owner will be sharing this video to increase customers and to stand out from the competition.

We Helped LFG Grow Their Intern Program.

Our team was contracted to create a video highlighting the success of the employees- from the interns all the way up the ladder. This is going to be shown at tradeshows and be on their website to encourage more interns to become a part of their company!

Iclebo Gives You More Family Time

Iclebo reached out to us to create a concept video with actors- our team did all of this from start to finish. This is on their Amazon Seller Page, website and is shown on their booths at tradeshows. The ROI is just amazing.

We Helped Westland Focus on Culture

Westland Real Estate reached out to us to create a culture video focusing on them as a company and as a family. We traveled to Las Vegas and filmed in LA. It premiered at their annual gala in front of 400 people!

The Story of Azevedo Water Polo

It's all about the story. Our team took a simple interview and created this amazing piece with old footage and old photos. We can do this for your business! Tell your story- and your customers will come.

We Helped Eco Spa Showcase Their Product at Expos

We helped Eco Spa sell more spas online and at their tradeshows. Video keeps your customer engaged 2-3x longer and has a 200% improvement in clicks. Wow.

We Film Corporate Events

Let us help you spread your message by capturing your corporate event - trailers, recap videos, livestreaming - we do it all. Our talented video marketing team don't win our clients on price, we win them on quality, customer service and the amazing return on investment.

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Our Amazing Clients

Our video marketing team is the BEST in the industry. We win our clients based on quality and customer service, NOT on price. Let's grow your business with video- it's what we do best. Look at our client roster below:

The Team

We love what we do. We love growing your business with video. Don't go with the cheapest, go with the best. See us in action in our behind the scenes videos by scrolling down!

Behind the Scenes Videos

Want to get to know our team? Take a look at our behind the scenes videos below! Watch our team travel the world and love what we do while doing so. Let's grow your profits with video- all you have to do is contact us! Scroll down now!

Come behind the scenes on this amazing shoot! Our marketing team thought of the concept, actors and the entire storyline. This was for a national franchise campaign- consumers buy their hearts, not their wallets. “A large portion of the Go Mini`s marketing efforts derived from the help of Event Filming. With over 200 franchise and dealers, the video promotion created by Event Filming can be seen on each locations web page. These professionally made videos have not only accumulated more website traffic, but have also generated potential franchise buyers. “- Erik, Go Minis

Come Behind the Scenes on our three day corporate event with Legal Shield! We filmed the speakers, gathered testimonials and took headshots of every attendee! We took care of everything- this is the value we provide. We also hung media releases, made the schedule and delivered the product directly to the client.

Behind the Scenes at our latest corporate video! In the words of the client:

“What an incredible process! We shot our first corporate video EVER… and we loved every minute. The service was top-notch before we even began to work with each other officially. I felt like there was such a personal touch to our process that completely fit with what we were looking for. ” – Alanah, LFA

Come behind the scenes on our latest culture video! This video premiered at Westland’s annual gala of over 600 people! We traveled to Vegas and filmed in Long Beach- such an awesome video! Let’s highlight your culture and staff- have your consumers connect with your staff- they’ll become loyal forever.


Behind the Scenes at our latest livestream event! “At Sessions we generated over 81k views for the Queen Latifah FB live and over 70k views for the blood pressure guidelines live, which was really fantastic for us…. I am confident that this can be attributed to the quality and production of the stream.  Both events went really smoothly and you guys did an amazing job handling all the details (and bringing down my stress level!)” – Audrey, American Heart Assocation

2017 was an awesome year for our video marketing team! Between traveling the nation, growing the team and making YOU succeed with video- come behind the scenes with us!

This Behind the Scenes Video has a familiar look! We love The Office- so we modeled our intro after it!

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We just launched transparent pricing for our clients! Video is hard, we make it easier by having transparent pricing of how we help you grow your business. No more haggling, no more jargon you don't understand- we are here to help you. It's just another way we are disrupting the industry.

Why should I choose you over my brother who can film?

Well, yes you could. But then you couldn’t dance with us under our disco ball at our office. We are a full video marketing team backed by Fortune 500’s. We handle everything- from concept to final product. That is why you choose us. Sit back, we have your back.

Why do I need a video of my conference or event?

Video is the BEST ROI you can have. Video helps push 90% of buying decision and keeps your customers 2-3x longer. Let’s highlight your event with testimonials, happy people and put it on your website for next year. Watch the new leads pour in!

Do I need a video? I did not budget for it.

Our sales team hears this a lot, and we get it. Believe me, we do. If companies are not with video marketing to their customers, you are losing revenue. Imagine a video highlighting your staff and happy clients on your website. Tell the world your why, show them your passion- customers will come.

What do you do?

Besides being amazing dancers under our disco ball, we can do any type of video production service you need.  We are an award winning video marketing and production team.  From live streaming events, overnight edits, traveling the nation filming events and videos- we can do it all. We can event create a website for you from scratch. Welcome home.

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We want to improve the world, while doing what we love- making amazing cinematic videos. We hire part time, full time and remote passionate workers throughout the year as we grow.

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For our full timers, we will even give you a travel stipend.


Our goal is to give back to our community. We want to improve the world, while making awesome videos.

Benefits & Days-Off

Full Time Workers are eligible for benefits, paid holidays and their birthday off- how awesome is that!

Fun environment

We love what we do and have fun doing it. Check out our social account and see!

Coffee & Netflix

We always have coffee and enjoy Netflix on our break. How cool is that? Join our team! P.S. We love SNL & The Office.

Giving Back

ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects the brain and the spinal cord of approximately 20,000 Americans. As a corporate sponsor of the ALS Association, we donate a portion of all proceeds to finding a cure.


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